Title: Computer, Music and Internet.
Category: Music and Technology
Article by: Behrouz Jamali
Publisher: Mahoor
Published : 1999

This article is one of the few articles ever published in a serious music publication in Iran about music technology and music software and it is a reference for applications and websites being used in that time (1999). This article explains some benefits of using a computer in music production and music publishing to readers with no or average computer knowledge. I first explain what a computer can do for a musician and then I introduce some of the basics of electronic music production and at the end I refer the reader to a list of very useful software and websites with screenshots of actual program to make a better connection with a non technical person. Mahour Publishing did a very good job as far as the quality of pictures that I gave to them and also Mr. Eftekhari (Chief editor of Mahour at that time) had a review for Farsi writings to make this article very unique in its own field.
This article has been published in "Faslnameyeh Mahour N0.6" in 1999 in Iran and it is in Farsi. The actual book can be purchased online at 
Title: David Hume, Matters of Fact, an Analytic View.
Category: Philosophy
Article by: Behrouz Jamali
Published : 1995

I wrote this 25 page article as part of a project while I was attending Philosophy courses in Tabriz University, later they published the article.
Title: Dynamics for Civil Engineers.
Category: Engineering
By: Dr. Aladdin Behravesh
Prepared by: Behrouz Jamali
Publisher : Azad University
Published : 1994
I assisted Prof. Behravesh to create this book for his Dynamics curses for Civil Engineers when I was a 2nd year civil engineering student. The book has more than 40 drawings and  I used Auto Cad to create the drawings. The book contains exercises and solutions and it took about a year for reviews and editing to complete. I had to do most of the typing myself because of complexity of the Matrix formats used in the book.
Title: The Complete Guide to PCs
Category: Computers
By: Behrouz Jamali
Publisher : Azad University
Published : 2000
This book is a complete user guide for PC users and it has been prepared for users with basic and advanced computer knowledge.
The book starts with topics about computer hardware and provides some basic information about the structure of computing. The book has a complete reference section of operating system commands for MS DOS, Windows 95 and Windows 2000 operating systems including tips for advances users.