A. Computer and Network Engineering

1. Network Design

I believe designing a network is an art, it is like composing music. Knowing that what is the best structure for your client and optimizing the cost of equipment and yet providing the best design needs both technical knowledge and experience and if you combine them with the skills to draw it as well the outcome is not different than an artwork. Another part of my work in this field includes surveying a present network, drawing and analyzing the network to find ways to get a better performance out of present hardware.

2. Banking Systems and Software

The main theme of the projects that I have participated as a Senior Systems Engineer and recently as Network Engineering Director is Banking. Working in this field drove me to learn variety of  Banking software in Administrative level and learn different Banking Systems, work with wide range of data centers and Banking service providers and get to know how each system works to be able to provide troubleshooting and other services for our clients.
My experience with Banking Software and Banking Systems includes providing service to many local banks in Washington metropolitan area as a part of services provided with professional companies that I had the privilege to work with them.

During my years I got familiar and in some cases specialized in following financial institution related software:
-ITI Premier II.
-ITI Premier II Teller.
-ITI Director.
-Infoconnect series.
-Bisys Total Vision.
-Bisys CSR and Teller software.
-Navigator series.
-Wits software.
-FED Plus and Pay Plus series.
-Harland Deposit Pro and Laser Pro Products.
-Calyx Point series.
-Depcon System.
-Baker Hill Products.
-Jack Henry Products.

My experience with this software includes installation and upgrades, troubleshooting and problem solving for some of the very well known banks in Washington metropolitan area. As my previous and current companies are both banking service providers I had the chance to walk in to number of very well known banks and not only I have a wonderful relation with them as our clients but also they are my best friends. I am happy that I had the opportunity to serve them in the past.

3. Hardware

My experience in this field includes:
-Server Installations and upgrades, troubleshooting and rack conversions.
Compaq and HP ProLiant series.
Dell Power Edge series.

-Network equipment installations, switches, hubs and patch panels.
3Com Baseline family.
3Com Super Stack family.
3Com Managed switches and office connect series.
In rack patch panel installations with cable management.

-Router Installations and add-ons, troubleshooting and maintenance.
Cisco 1600, 1700, 2600. 3600 series.
Cisco 3700 series.
Wireless D-link and Linksys small business routers.

-Printers, faxes and scanners installation, troubleshooting and add-ons.
HP LaserJet network series - N, DTN.(4000, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4300, 5000)
Canon Multifunction business series.
Xerox Multifunction business series.
Fujistu High speed business scanner(Fi-4860 series).
Canon Document scanners (DR and CR Series).

-IP Telephony.
Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones.

-Desktop assembly, troubleshooting, upgrades and add-ons.
Compaq Evo series.
HP and Compaq Evo and N series Notebooks.
Dell Dimension Desktops.
Dell Latitude Notebooks.

-Power units and Backup batteries troubleshooting and add-ons.
APC Symmetra power units.

4. Protection/Monitoring

-McAfee e-policy server installation and troubleshooting.
Successful Installation and configuration of McAfee e-policy server for enterprise and auto deployment options  for over 100 user environment networks.

-GFI Languard on Exchange servers.

-Solarwinds engineers edition.

5. Backup and Recovery

-Veritas Backup Exec: Installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
Version 8.0, 9.0 and small business editions.

 Windows NT and 2000 servers.

Ghost Cast server, Ghost image production and recovery.

6. Programming

-Access Database design and programming.
Backup Tracker Database.
Service Tracker Database.

B. Audio Engineering and Music Technology



​​C. Civil Engineering

Graduated with a B.Sc. degree as a Civil Engineer.

Eternal Songs Of Persian Women Singers.
Remastering of 21 tracks from old media recorded between 1930-1963.

مجموعه آثار استاد روح‌اله خالقی با صدای بانوان شامل ۳ سی‌دی صوتی از آثار اصلی‌ و تنظیم شده استاد است که با دقّت زیاد پالایش و فیلتر  شده و معتبرترین و درست‌ترین نسخهٔ این آثار ارزشمند میباشند

Recording Kayhan Kalhor.
Recording  Siavash Beizai and Kazem Davoudian.
Recording  Pianist Tara Kamangar.
Recording Kazem Davoudian
Recording the first of its kind and probably for the first time ever, music for Organ and Classical Guitar. Composed by Nejc Kuhar and performed by Dr. Stephen Ackert (Organist) and Mak Grgic (Guitarist)
Recording Fereidoun Farahandouz 2017
Excerpt from the composition "Love"
 Music: Kazem Davoudian
Live Instruments Recording: Behrouz Jamali, Bob Davodian